Sustainable Living & Growing Centers as EnergyWaterFoodNexus Management Catalysts

  • John Motloch
  • Scott Truex
  • Loren Deeg
  • Glynn Barber
Keywords: SLGC (Sustainable Living & Growing Centers), Eco-homesteading, E-villages, CAS (complex adaptive system), ECSIA® food production system


Explores proposed global network of Sustainable Living & Growing Centers (SLGC) as regional EnergyWaterFoodNexus (EWFN) Management Catalysts and as seeds for growing resource-effective networks of self-reliant, thriving communities.  Each SLGC is a regional production-teaching-research-demonstration center built on an ECSIA® technology-based food production platform. In each regional SLGC, people learn to thrive by collaborating with their local complex system.  The pilot SLGC -- Baltimore Urban Farmstead -- is being launched as a production- education-research-demonstration center for learning-by-doing how to live within regional complex adaptive systems; and for generating, applying, managing, and diffusing knowledge needed to transform dysfunctional ecological and social landscapes into fully-functional complex eco-social-economic systems.  In this pilot SLGC people will learn to live in systems and to make whole-system decisions, in rural and urban contexts, that empower communities to thrive within their local EWFN via whole-system strategies responsive to place and people. 

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